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Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving the translation project for the foreseeable future. April 15th, I am going to be leaving Japan, taking a little trip the long way around back to Somwhere, USA, and figuring things out from there.

Right now, that means I'm too busy to keep up on Frozen Teardrop. In future, that means I'm not sure what/how I could get the raw text that's not insanely expensive or too much of a pain in the ass for me or someone else.

I want to thank everyone who's supported me as I worked on the translations and put up with my insufficient Japanese, copious notes, and crazy bad typos. I am going to leave everything here, as is, and hope I don't forget the password if and when I take up the project again.

Once again, thanks for all the comments and feedback.



[summary] Rhapsody of Lonliness, Prelude


1. I am not "officially" back, but I had the time AND the desire and here are the products of that sublime yet elusive combination.

2. I am reasonably certain this is the next part, but if not...please advise! I have several months' worth of backlog, so this might be a super spoiler (and it is a FANTASTIC spoiler).

3. I am extremely happy to have picked this up again, if for no other reason than the introduction of a new engineer.

4. This summary will be, in my own opinion, far more accurate perhaps than previously done summaries because I was going through for vocabulary. This is because I had the luxury of time and place to read this entirely at my leisure whereas before, I was squeezing it in all around work, getting to work, and all the various things one does when one has work to do.

Rhapsody of Lonliness, PreludeCollapse )

5. I am most definitely NOT making any of that up.


[correction] mobile suit terminology

Well, this just crossed my mind as I reading something.

For the longest time, I couldn't help but wonder what a "バーニア" was supposed to be. I thought it was a "burner" and since we're talking about flight-capable vessels, perhaps something like an "after burner."

Turns out, I wasn't TOO far off given the context in Frozen Teardrop in which this word appeared, but I have made the classic newbie mistake of not connecting the katakana to the various ways it can be romanized. I also blame my not-quite-zero level of interest in the suits themselves.

You probably all know this, anyway, but for posterity's sake:

バーニア is a vernier thruster, apparently a kind of thruster used to control altitude on spacecraft.

Frozen Teardrop, Mars Century Timeline

*PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the regular chapters, single parenthesis in the original text will be represented with single parenthesis here. Greater than signs, however, will still be replaced with {} symbols.

*PLEASE NOTE: FYI, this timeline was printed in Gundam Ace's 2012 January issue, not something I compiled.

Mars Century Time LineCollapse )

Mars Century versus After Colony

Well, I might not be a math whizz, but when I *finally* sat down to get cracking on that time line that replaced an actual Frozen Teardrop chapter in the February issue of GA, I noticed this:

AC 182 is the same year as MC001

Also: am I wrong in thinking the whole "first winter" and "next spring" business is utter tripe? First of all: to what extent does Mars even have seasons? More perplexingly, for our intents and purposes, a 'year' is defined as the length of time a planet requires to orbit around the sun. So in one Martian year, Mars would only orbit the sun ONCE and that would only result in ONE of each season. More to the point: why the hell would someone living on Mars divvy up their time according the the Terran time-schedule (which isn't an exact 2:1 ration anyway)? It's like someone living in Texas and setting their clocks according to GMT. Not impossible to figure out, but unfathomably stupid.
NOT REALLY EDITED because I'm going to be gone for two weeks and I don't want this hanging over my head on top of everything else. I think all the super wrong typos are okay, but there's probably more than a few words that are words, but not the words I meant so spell check doesn't catch them. Eh.

Anyway, Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow VCollapse )