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Frozen Teardrop, Mars Century Timeline

*PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the regular chapters, single parenthesis in the original text will be represented with single parenthesis here. Greater than signs, however, will still be replaced with {} symbols.

*PLEASE NOTE: FYI, this timeline was printed in Gundam Ace's 2012 January issue, not something I compiled.

MC 001
First Mars para-terraforming is completed (AC 182)

AC 187
A resource satellite thought to be named "MO-VII" falls in the Argyre plain in Mars' southern hemisphere. The "Europa algae" which is inside the resource satellite is exposed to sunlight and because of that, plankton that is called Jovian moss increases explosively. The Mars terraforming accelerates all at once.

MC 0012 First Spring
Duo (Father Maxwell) and Hilde Schbieker separate/break up.

MC 0012 Next Autumn
Duo (Father) immigrates to Mars. He roams all over on a motorbike.

MC 0014 First Summer
Doktor T (Trowa Barton) and Catherine Bloom immigrate to Mars.

MC 0014 Next Winter
*Here, there is a sharp increase in immigrants from Earth to Mars. This is also the time when the "Mars Federal Government" is established.

Duo (Father) breaks his left arm and both legs in an accident.

MC 0015
Professor W's younger sister, Katrine Oud Winner is born. She grows up at "Winner Hospital" which Iria Winner has opened. Among the patients [at the hospital] are Marene Darlian and a girl named Stella.

MC 0015 First Spring
Duo (Father) and Hilde, who works as a librarian in the Lanagrin Republic Library, reunite. After becoming financially dependent on Hilde and moving into her condominium, Duo and Hilde marry. A short while later, he gets on a big motorbike and once again sets off on a wandering trip.

MC 0016 First Spring
Duo (Father) and Hilde, who has become a nun at the Schbeiker orphanage, reunite. They officially divorce. Thereafter, Duo goes by [the name] "Father Maxwell" and becomes both a fraudulent gambler and bounty hunter; he's made to promise to donate the money he makes to the Schbeiker orphanage.

MC 0016 First Summer
The Mars Federal Government begins preparing a military body comprised of MS (Mars suits). On a resource satellite owned by the Winner family, four dismantled machines, {Gundanium alloy-made mobile suits} are discovered. These are called {Snow White}, {Warlock}, {Prometheus}, and {Scheherezade}. Professor W accepts Preventer Mars Branch head Master Chang's request and together with Doktor T, commences developments.

MC 0017
Starting now, the peace on Mars further deteriorates. Development enterprises are putting each other under, there is antagonism between anti-Earth and pro-Earth factions, and national disputes, etc. The chain of hatred continues.

MC 0017 First Summer
Father Maxwell meets the real Milliardo Peacecraft in Cyrene Town. Milliardo is going after the mobile suit {Gundam Epyon} which [someone] has made off with. Milliardo, who has ascertained that {Epyon} was in the hands of the Neuenheim Konzern, leaves his daughter Naina with Father Maxwell.

MC 0017 Next Winter
When someone tries to abduct Naina, Milliardo's {Tallgeese Heaven} destroys [the abductors'] four Mars suits; Father Maxwell snipes the four killers to stop them. Naina goes with her father, Milliardo to Noin, her mother.

MC 0019
Katrine (four years old) and Stella (five years old) both enroll at St. Minerva Junior School.

MC 0020 Next Autumn
At a St. Minerva's para-terraforming dome, an anti-federal government organization raids a Mars Federal Government's naval port. In that battle, Katrine uses the image trace program to participate in the battle in a Mars suit. In this, her first battle, she destroys five Mars suits.

MC 0021 First Winter
At Elysium Island near Mars' equator, a summit [of top level people] is held. Among the attendees is [Martian] President Milliardo Peacecraft (Dixneuf) who is assassinated during his speech. The assassin is a young terrorist, No-name (later called Trowa Phobos).

At the same time as Dixneuf's death, the program "Zechs Merquis" stars up. "He" is the afterimage of Milliardo (Zechs) [taken] from {Gundam Epyon's} ZERO system.

Preventer ascertains {Gundam Epyon}, the sole gundanium alloy mobile suit remaining in MC history, is at the Lanagrin Republic which sits in a huge man-made ocean. They hack the [Epyon] and acquire it's basic [building] plans. Master Chang starts constructing {Nataku (Epyon)}.

The boy terrorst No-name encounters Doktor T and Katrine, he is taken in by them.

Principle members of the Mars Federation Reform Faction defect to the Lanagrin Republic. The representative of the Lanagrin Republic is former Martian secret service member, Special Officer First Class Zechs Merquis (afterimage). Special Officer First Class Zechs declares the Lanagrin Republic's secession and independence from the Mars Federation. At the same time, he declares war against the Mars Federation.

Trowa Phobos (No-name) receives MS pilot training from Catherine Bloom.

MC 0022
Professor W completes {Snow White} and {Warlock}. At this point, Doktor T is 80% finished with {Prometheus} and {Scheherezade}.

MC 0022 Next Spring
Relena Peacecraft is awoken from the artificial frozen hibernation [#1].

Relena Peacefraft is elected as the second president of the Mars Federation. In President Relena Peacecraft's inaugural speech, she proclaims demilitarized, non-violent "total pacifism."

Katrine, along with Marene Darlian, pay a visit to Relena Peacecraft.

MC 0022 Next Winter
Lieutenant Commander [#2] Kathy Po of the Earth Sphere United Nations secret information department Preventer delivers three memory chips to Master Chang at the Preventer Mars Branch's North Pole base.

With the three memory chips Kathy brought and the fourth memory chip Father Maxwell had, Heero Yuy is awakened from artificial frozen hibernation. Master Chang charges Heero iwith the duy to kill Relena Peacecraft. Heero accepts [the mission]. "Operation Mythos" begins.

Professor W's younger sister Katrine Oud Winner runs away with the mobile suit {Prometheus}. She heads towars the Mars Federatoin's Relena City. Heero, in {Snow White}; Duo, in {Warlock}; and Trowa Phobos in the amphibious long-range hovercraft "Odehammer" give chace.

Professor W and Doktor T depart Chryse in the submarine aircraft carrier "Chouxhook 2".

In the desert located at the foot of Mt. Olympus, they break into battle. Katrine, with the 40 replica mobile dolls {Maganac} that she controls, attacks {Snow White} and {Warlock} both. Trowa Phobos disarmes the security of the mobile dolls' controls and drives them to a sop. But Katrine, along with {Prometheus}, escapes on Naina and Milu's high-speed, large-scale transport ship.

OZ-13MS {Gundam Epyon} and three OZ-03MD IV {Virgo IVs} leave from the Lanagrin Republic, aiming to sally forth to Mt. Olympus. Inferring that they are after {Snow White} and {Warlock}, Master Chang takes off in {Nataku (Epyon Bai)}.

Between {Nataku} and {Epyon}, the first dog fight [ever] between two mobile armor suits unfolds. It moves into a land-based battle: the {Epyon} is then joined by the late-arriving {Virgo IVs} and {Nataku} is joined by {Snow White} and {Warlock}. The three {Virgo IVs} are destroyed: {Epyon} withdraws. Immediately after, the Mars Federal Aerial Tactics Division arrives. 500 unmanned, flying Mars suits are deployed.

Relena Peacecraft and Lucretia Noin appear at the Preventer Mars Branch North Pole base. Relena converses with Heero via long range signal while he is in the midst of battle. She requests her own murder. Heero agrees.

After Heero, Duo, Master Chang, and Zechs destoy 250 Mars suits, Milliardo's {Tallgeese Heaven} appears in the sky over the battle and with the nano-defensors, renders the remaining 250 suits inoperable.

{Snow White} and {Warlock} are collected by the diving aircraft carrier "Chouxhook 2".

Relena and Noin join Naina and the others on the high-speed, large-scale transport ship. They take a course to Elysium Island. However, it's known that Duo's {Warlock} gives chase. Naina [calls for] the emergency launch of the Mars Federal Army's 909th special independent corps, otherwise known as the {Merciless Fairies}. She herself sorties in the Queen of Hearts.

Duo's {Warlock} and Naina's {Queen of Hearts} engage in battle on a volcanic island. Six Mars suits of the {Merciless Fairies} fiercely attack the "Chouxhook 2." The remaining five suits are destroyed by Duo's attack and the use of the dazzling nanomachines on the {Warlock}. Katrina, piloting {Prometheus} enters the battle and fires a homing missile at {Warlock}. {Warlock} falls into the ocean.

Katrine calls for Doktor T and the others to surrender, but they refuse. During this time, {Snow White}, with Professor W as its pilot, shoots in succession the {Shiibentzburg Rood} and {Shiibentzburg Blauw} [#3] [that the suit has] equipped. This temperature attack [that mixes hot and cold] causes {Prometheus}'s movements to slow. In order to collect {Prometheus}, Trowa Phobos, who had previously stowed away [on Chouxhook 2] makes a sortie in {Scheherazade}.

However, Milu has cracked the Chouxhook 2 and drives it to shut down. Heero, Doktor T, and Catherine decide to surrender. be continued...

#1 - based on the kanji, I guess the form of stasis in FT is not identical to crygenic stasis? The kanji in FT is, literally, artificial frozen hibernation. The kanji for cryogenic storage, however, is not "frozen" but rather "extremely low temperature." I suppose sticking to the original is sort of like splitting hairs (or maybe the dictionaries just aren't up to snuff on what the general populace considers "cryogenics" here?)

#2 - my best guest with the title 准佐 which is literally "quasi" and "some titled position in the military." I'm guessing it's not far from 少佐 which actually is "lieutenant commander"

#3 - I still don't know what language this is supposed to be and it's damn hard to figure it out for a variety of reasons I won't bore you with here. However, I believe this is Dutch given the romanization of the word "blue" as "burau" and the Dutch word is "blauw." The Japanese is 七つの矮星・赤 and 七つの矮星・青 respectively. The first kanji means "seven" and the fourth and fifth mean "dwarf star," the last kanji are "red" and "blue" respectively. It's probably supposed to be a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...which kind of makes me wonder what the other five colors will do...
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